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One definition of the word revolution is a sudden and complete change in something. A famous example, of course, is the American Revolution. Another is the counterculture revolution of the U. S. and much of Europe in the 1960s. Currently, the social media revolution is spreading the most.

Social media has changed people into producers of content instead consumers of content. In other words, the tail wags the dog. The way information and knowledge are spread has radically changed. The norm used to be broadcast media monologues, which is where one person disseminates information to the masses. Such familiar modes of this type are TV news broadcasts and newspaper articles.

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However, these norms are fast becoming forced to coexist with what the revolution is bringing. Known as social media dialogues, this is where many people disseminate said information to the people. Everyone becomes recipient and disseminator. This is why they're referred to as content producers.

Several popular forms of this exist. One common form is easily recalled ideas or slogans made to galvanize others into repeating them frequently. Another form is print media designed to be scattered again to the public. A third form is the sharing from electronic media, including mobile devices and the Internet, with advanced search capabilities is a third. A final example is grass-roots direct action distribution, including public speaking, rallies, and demonstrations.

Traditional media, also known as mass media, broadcast media, or industrial media, differs from social media in many ways. To begin, social media is less expensive and more easily accessible. Mass media normally needs more resources to be able to share information. Second, industrial media production normally necessitates learning specialized skills; normally, social media does not. In short, social media can be utilized more easily by anyone.

Third, relevancy and response time have been impacted. Whereas the time lag in industrial media often is hours or even days, in social media, it is instant. It should be noted, however, that as industrial media adapts more and more social media tendencies, which soon may not be such a difference anymore.

Fourth, permanence is treated very differently by the two. In mass media, after an article is printed and distributed, it cannot be changed. Corrections, retractions, and apologies may be necessary, but the article is unable to be altered. In social media, however, changes can instantly be made.

It is interesting, however, to note the similarities between the two forms of media. Both types of media can be dispersed to a worldwide audience or to a local one. A blog posting may reach no one ' or it may reach everyone. TV news broadcasts may reach the same ranges of people.

Where the future of social and traditional media is headed is anyone's guess. A prevailing opinion is that the two will intertwine and create a media hybrid using basic parameters of each. In fact, in some circles, this hybridization is more than just theoryit's real.

Whatever the future brings, the social media discussion is not transient. It is here for good, even as it's future direction is still not clear. Will hybridization continue evolving? Will mass media, as we know it, continue? Will the social media site evolve to the point that it engulfs both the traditional and the hybrid? Keep abreast with your local media outlets as we go forward.

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