At World Education University (WEU), our students come first. Your...

At World Education University (WEU), our students come first. Your thoughts and opinions help define our goals.

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We care about your rants, your new ideas, and questions. We want to help you grow and learn. Ultimately, we want to learn from you as well.

So we have put together a quick guide on how you can become involved in the movement and have your voice heard by WEU. Do one or try them all. What is important is that you have fun, express your thoughts, and be creative!

  • Video Testimonial

Record a video of yourself answering one simple question what would free education mean to me? This is your chance to tell us about your story, your obstacles, and your definition of free education.

  • Facebook and Twitter

We give you open-ended posts, why? Because we actually want to know what you think about what we are doing. We bring the pictures, quotes, and statistics. All you need to do is participate in the conversation. Even better? Reply to us with your own pictures, quotes, and statistics.

  • Share the link with friends

WEU is free to everyone, everywhere across the globe. Just think, you could start the chain reaction in your community by letting your friends know about the University. By doing this, you will be actively helping eliminate the education crisis. Sounds like a good plan to us.

  • Communicate with WEU

Have questions left unanswered about the education system? Want to know if we are going to start offering a course soon? Have a request for the next blog post? Or maybe you have a seriously crazy idea that you think just might work? Let us know today!

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